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Assignment Sheet: 4.3 - Marketing-Advocacy Project - Revised Fall 2015

A.4.3 - About this Assignment PowerPoint - for Infographics - Coming Soon


December 2012

This assignment earned an Exemplary Faculty Practices recognition from
Center for Research, Evaluation, and Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE)
in the Quest for Quality: Teacher Preparation in Texas initiative.


To inspire you, here's a great PSA from the Michigan Association for Media Education: "Ask Why?"


This is a module-long small group project. The goal of this assignment is to practice marketing and advocacy for the school librarian’s role in improving student learning, practicing instructional partnerships, and impacting school improvement in a leadership role. For this project, LS5443 students (beginning in Fall 2015) will direct their marketing and advocacy strategies to school decision makers. One goal of the TWU Pioneer School Library is to educate preservice administrators about the roles and responsibilities of school librarians. Your contribution to this project has the potential to influence future and current educators in Texas and beyond. Please read the information at: http://twupioneerschoollibrary.pbworks.com/


Overarching SBEC Outcomes for LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners: 

Collaboration: Standard 1 (1) Participate as an educational leader, an equal partner, and a change agent in the curriculum development process at both the campus and district levels. 

Communication: Standard 5 (3) Implement strategies for effective internal and external communications. 

Competence: Standard 6 (2) Understand the role of the school library media program as a central element in the intellectual life of the school.


Additional SBEC Objectives for A.4.3 – Marketing and Advocacy Project:

Standard 2 (1) Advocate for the development of an exemplary library media program that encourages a vision of excellence for all learners.

Standard 2 (2) Synthesize information from a variety of sources for effective decision making to develop and maintain an exemplary library program.

Standard 2 (4) Establish partnerships within the learning community to support district and campus goals through exemplary library programs. 


NOTE: You will be asked to sign a permission form to have your group work permanently displayed on the TWU Pioneer School Library wiki: http://twupioneerschoollibrary.pbworks.com/


To prepare for this project:
1. Form a partnership with two other classmates in O.D.3.4a.

2. Develop three pages on one partner’s Wikispaces wiki where you will collaborate on this project. Create at least THREE pages. On the first page, your team will document your collaborative conversations, planning and embed your elevator speech and line your script. The second page is for planning and storyboarding your infographic. The third page is for writing your one-paragraph introduction to your infographic, embedding and linking your infographic, and posting your Works Cited/Consulted. The latter two pages are drafts for the final TWU Pioneer School Library wiki project. See the required and possible content below.

3. Post the names of your partners and the URL for your collaborative conversations (page #1) wiki page on the BBW. Be sure all other pages link to page one.

Module 4.1

1. Review the Rubric 4.3 – Marketing-Advocacy Project.

2. Remember: Your infographic is targeted to educational decision makers.

3. Read Chris O’Leary’s article about elevator speeches: http://www.elevatorpitchessentials.com/essays/ElevatorPitch.html

4. Collaborate with your team to determine the focus of your elevator speech and infographic. Select from the broad themes and content of this course and the research you have read: instructional partnerships, coplanning, coteaching, coteaching reading comprehension strategies, inquiry, and/or both, coassessment of student learning, or  school librarian leadership or some combination of these themes.

5. Begin brainstorming ideas for your slogan/logo.

6. Sign, scan, and return your permission to publish to our G.A.


Module 4.2:

  1. Hone in on the big ideas of impact on student achievement and the instructional partner role in order to collaboratively compose an elevator speech of up to two minutes in length. (Your speech must include narration.)
  2. Create a slogan/logo. (Note if you use the @your library® brand, you must include the ® symbol! This is a registered trademark of the American Library Association.) Use the slogan/logo throughout this work.
  3. When you have determined your slogan, email that information to Dr. M. She will create two final wiki pages for your team on the TWU Pioneer School Library wiki.
  4. Record your speech using a Web 2.0 tool and embed the elevator speech on your page. Possible tools include an illustrated Prezi, VoiceThread, and the like. (Illustrations must be relevant to the speech. They can include images of librarians or the physical space of the school or library. Avatars must be consistent and appropriate.)
  5. Link your final script to this page. 


Module 4.3

  1. On page two of your wiki use a use, embed, and link a storyboarding tool to plan your infographic.
  2. Collaboratively compose a one-paragraph introduction to your infographic.
  3. Create an infographic that summarizes and supports your elevator speech and includes research-based evidence (and a Works Cited/Consulted). See the A.4.3 Rubric for criteria.
  4. Embed your infographic on your Wikispaces infographic page.
  5. Transfer the content of your elevator speech (page 1) and your infographic (page 3) to your team’s TWU Pioneer School Library Wiki pages.
  6. Appropriately rename the link to each page that connects your other page as per the example:  


Required Content:
1. Homepage/Elevator Speech Page: slogan/brand, names of collaborators, embedded elevator speech, and a transcript or script, and an appropriately named link to the infographic page.
2.  Infographic Page: – slogan/brand, introduction to the infographic, embedded infographic that meets the A.4.3 Rubric criteria, and an appropriately named link to the team’s homepage/elevator speech page.

Possible Tools:

You may use ANY software, except a stand-alone PowerPoint, to present your elevator speech, and/or ANY of the tools on the Course Wiki Web 2.0 page: http://ls5443.wikispaces.com/Web_2.0 

Note: Your team will earn full credit for a collaboratively narrated elevator speech.



Piktochart is highly recommended for your infographic marketing tool. Your creativity is encouraged!


Self-Assessing and Turning in Your Work:

  • Use the Rubric 4.3 to self-assess your work.
  • One member of the team will submit Rubric 4.3 – Marketing-Advocacy Project with the top part completed via the A.4.3 Assignment Tool in Module 4.3.
  • Another member of the team will submit the URL for your collaborative work via the A.4.3 Assignment Tool.
  • Another member will submit the URL for your team's TWU Pioneer School Library homepage/elevator speech page (#1).


FORMAT for submitting rubrics via BB Assignment Tool:


Last Names_Assignment Number_Rubric

Example: Hall_Moreillon_Valdez_Rubric_4.3


Assignment Resources


Rubric 4.3 (.doc)


Assignment 4.3 Assessment Sheet (pdf file)


Link to the TWU Pioneer School Library


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