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LS 5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners - Archive


Course Facilitator: Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.                       Graduate Assistant: Miranda Valdez

School of Library and Information Studies                   Email: mvaldez3@twu.edu

Texas Woman's University, Denton

Email:  jmoreillon@twu.edu


From the sidebar, students can link to our four learning modules.
Students can access their coursework (on this wiki) from within Blackboard,
our course management tool, as well directly from the Web. 


Introduction to Modules


The four links in the navigation sidebar connect to our course modules.The modules are located outside of Blackboard (BB) to ensure that students are able to access their assignments even if BB is slow or down.


There are four modules; each covers four weeks of material. Each module is numbered and assignments and resources are numbered according to the module in which they are due. For example, the first online discussion is O.D.1.1. This means it's in the first module, in the first week. Similarly, the first resource, Hartzell’s Needs Assessment, is R.1.1 – Hartzell Page 1.


Each module has an overarching topic:


Module 1 – Classroom-Library Collaboration


Module 2 – Inquiry and Research


Module 3 – Reading and Literacies


Module 4 - Technology Resources and Tools


Each week’s module listing includes the topic under investigation, a focusing question (or two), readings, and assignments. There are links embedded in the module documents. Clicking on these links will lead you to the required readings/resources, assignments, and rubrics.


At the top of each module, you will find the readings and resource titles and the codes (abbreviations) used within all the modules to reference each resource.


On the Assignments Summary page, you will find basic information about each of the course assignments. The LS5443 Standards Alignment Chart (.doc) shows the various standards that form the framework for this course.


Graded Assignments


Download this Assignment Tool Tracking Sheet  (Spring 2016) and use it to keep track of your progress in the course. (.doc)


Collaborate Group Office Hour Chats: Spring 2016 will be held approximately every two weeks and will be arranged using Doodle.com.



Link to the Course Wiki on Wikispaces (Wikispaces no longer available as of 7/18.)


Link to LS5443: Sample Student Wiki




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