Assignment Sheet: Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy


Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy – A.2.4


This is a partner project. Each class member will form a partnership with a different classmate (different from the one you worked with in A.1.4). This can be someone who is teaching or intends to work at a particular instructional level in which you have interest or experience.


The goals of this persuasive presentation assignment are to increase your understanding of inquiry-based learning and other research models that are used in school libraries and classrooms today. After you investigate various inquiry and research processes, you will choose one from among them on which to base this assignment. 


Overarching SBEC Outcomes for LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners: 

Collaboration: Standard 1 (1) Participate as an educational leader, an equal partner, and a change agent in the curriculum development process at both the campus and district levels. 

Communication: Standard 5 (3) Implement strategies for effective internal and external communications. 

Competence: Standard 6 (2) Understand the role of the school library media program as a central element in the intellectual life of the school.


Additional SBEC Objectives for A.2.4 – Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy: 

Standard 1 (8) Provide and promote ongoing learning opportunities for students, particularly in the areas of integration of information technology and information literacy.

Standard 2 (2) Synthesize information from a variety of sources for effective decision making to develop and maintain an exemplary library program.

Standard 3 (2) Model and promote the highest standard of conduct, ethics, and integrity in the use of the Internet and other print and electronic resources. 

Standard 3 (5) Model information problem-solving processes in providing instruction about reference and research techniques. 



You will develop a K-W-L-Q Chart based on what you know, want to learn, learn, and further questions, as prewriting for this assignment. You will create at chart for at least two research or inquiry processes. Even if you (and your school/district/state) have always used the Big6, you should know why you’re using it. Comparing it to another process can help you weigh advantages and disadvantages.


After you investigate various inquiry and research processes, you will choose one from among them on which to base the remainder assignment. This assignment will also give you the opportunity to use a wiki for collaboration, K-W-L-Q as a prewriting tool, and a Web 2.0 tool for presenting your learning.


Module 2.1:


Begin this assignment by:

Modules 2.2 and 2.3:


Module 2.4:

Work with your partner to complete this assignment.


Remember to cite your sources and use media ethically. Whether your audience is students, classroom teachers, administrators, parents, or other school librarian colleagues, you must model the ethical use of information. 


Assessing and Turning in Your Work:


FORMAT for submitting rubrics via BB Assignment Tool: 

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Turning in Your Rubric:


Assignment Resources:


Rubric 2.4 (.doc)


Assignment Sheet 2.4  (.pdf file)